Small Grants Program

The Foundation funds new creative,
and innovative projects not funded
in the regular MCPS budget through
the Small Grants Program. MCPS
Staff may apply for up to $1,000.

The grant process for FY 2018
is open
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Examples of Previously Funded Projects

For a complete list of funded grants, see the grant archive,

Fostering Employable Skills

Social Responsibility


Grant money went to funding the ServSafe Food Protection Managers’ Licensing Exam for 62 students in The Professional Restaurant Management Program and The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Thomas Edison High School of Technology, which gives students an edge when applying for a job in the
food-service industry.  A total of 60 percent of the AOHT students and 80 percent of the Restaurant Management students passed.

The BMES 3Rs Book of the Month Club grant at Bells Mill Elementary School purchased books to read aloud to more than 600 students across all grade levels to support the BMES Improvement Plan. The books explored themes of friendship, citizenship, bullying, diversity, problem-solving, empathy, leadership, Autism Awareness, peace, and reflection to teach about social responsibility. Exemplary students who seemed to take these themes to heart received certificates for their behavior.


STEM Projects

Fourth and Fifth Graders at Weller Road Elementary participating in The STEM Robotics Club built a simple robot together using a Bristlebots kit. The creation of this club focused on teamwork, communication, problem solving and creative thinking while also learning about simple machines. Motion and energy. This project introduced students in the world of programming through familiar building materials such as Legos and created a lot of excitement among the students who wished to participate.

 Technology in the Classroom

 Focus on Special Education


Maryvale Elementary School Cougars on Computers grant fostered digital citizenship to help elementary students to navigate the web safely and learn coding, universal design for learning tools, online resources and cyber civility.

 Winston Churchill High School Autism program purchased an iPad for Communication as a way to increase communication skills for the 12 students in its program using apps such as Proloqou2Go, Go Talk Now and Speak It.  The students were motivated to use the iPad for communication and leisure purposes as well as make requests on a more independent level in both social and academic situations.


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